Does your precious one wake in the mornings and seem slow to get going?  A little stiff and unsteady on his paws?  Showing signs of discomfort from arthritis or injury?  There is something we can offer to help alleviate their discomfort.

Dogs are sentient beings, and just like humans they feel discomfort, pain and anxiety; they also feel relaxed and happy when in the company of someone they can trust.  Massage should be part of their essential healthcare, just like exercise, grooming, good nutrition and restful sleep, it is beneficial in both a physiological and physical sense. Massage enhances health, accelerates healing and increases love and trust.  Different variations of touch therapy from Swedish massage to gentle heat application, can ease pain, reduce stress and aid injury recovery.

Massage can relieve stress, decrease cortisol, increase oxytocin, reduce inflammation and pain, help with anxiety, trauma and fear.

Massage has a healing function that is effective in helping animals recover from certain injuries, a fractured limb for example, can heal faster with massage, increasing the circulation and reducing adhesions (fibrous tissue) build-up.

Certain massage strokes are stimulating to the lymphatic and circulatory systems which can help senior dogs and those suffering from impaired organ function. It can help flush away toxic compounds like lactic acid that cause pain.  Senior dogs may suffer from stiffness and arthritis and will benefit from the stimulating and toning effects of massage, enabling more flexibility and increased range of motion in the joints.

Skin is nourished due to increased blood flow, improving the skin’s condition, and can help heal certain skin pathologies (note that some skin pathologies are contraindications to massage).

Regular massage gives the therapist an opportunity to feel changes in a dog’s body, so it has a diagnostic benefit.  Early detection of illness is always preferable to something going undiagnosed and untreated.



Payment can be made on the day of the massage appointment through Zelle, Venmo, Paypal or Cash. 

Price:  $35 for a 45 minute appointment, 15 minute consultation and 30 minute massage.  

To schedule an appointment, please call or email:
(512) 234-293O
To email, please use the k9therapeutic name like it shows in the web address AT (obfuscated to avoid spam)