Become certified with our holistic canine massage theory and techniques online course.  We cover the language of dogs, anatomy and physiology, pathology, vitals, Swedish massage, TMJ massage, stretching and conditioning, total healthcare, plus bonus modules in holistic therapies.  We have included the bonus modules because we believe in offering a holistic approach.  We want our students to be equipped with a strong overall knowledge of the big picture in order to help dogs, ultimately that is the goal for all of us here.  In all honesty, how far can you go in helping an obese dog, lacking in exercise and good nutrition, with massage alone?  Massage is a wonderful therapy, but it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

The course is open to everyone.  You may be a parent wishing to gain knowledge to help your own dogs, your goal might be to open your own business, you may work in a shelter environment and want to know how you can help dogs with anxiety, perhaps you are a groomer wanting the tools to help calm your clients; and the list goes on.   There are no prerequisites for this course, everyone is welcome!

Our course offers: 

  • Certification as a Certified Canine Massage Practitioner (CCMP)
  • Over 200 hours of tutorial; including reading material, tests after each module, downloadable handouts, videos and guest speaker talks
  • Final theory test after completion of all modules
  • 50 hours of “hands-on” case studies
  • Bonus modules: nutrition, weight management, energy modalities, grooming, exercise, environmental toxins. These are extra modules that we have chosen to include in this course, since we believe you should have some knowledge of these subjects to help your client in the best way possible.  You will not be tested on these subjects, they are there for your information and benefit to all
  • Complimentary copy of the eBook version of Is My Vet For Real? By Dr. Lennon Foo
  • Access to your tutor from 8am-7pm EST daily, emails during these hours will be answered the same day
  • Self paced course, allowing you to dictate your hours of work to complete all modules and case studies


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